Indeck Niles Energy Facility

Niles, Michigan

As a subcontractor to prime contractor Kiewit Engineering & Design Co., SAM delivered a wide range of services for this energy project in Niles, Michigan. SAM performed a design survey that included aerial LiDAR and imagery incorporated and verified with ground topo and ground trothing, one-call locates, boundary recovery, boundary resolution, SUE QL-B services using of an EM-61 to locate buried metallic debris, NGS Type-B survey control monuments meeting requirements for Geodetic Control Monuments at 2nd Order Type I, and the delivery of design files in Microstation, Civil 3D, and LandXML, and various other formats on local plant, state plane grid and ground, and UTM coordinate systems.

SAM also managed up to four field crews during the construction phase of the project. Construction surveying included high-accuracy control network maintenance, alignments on the tower cranes, HRSG stacks and multiple steel racks formations, anchor bolt pattern layout for HRSG’s, CTG’s and STG Tabletop’s sufficed to all GE equipment precision tolerance specifications. Crews monitored large concrete pours both elevated and at grade, setting of ACC elevated ducts, footing foundation monitoring, and layout for rotating equipment on instrument installation. SAM also utilized terrestrial scanners to support various LiDAR scans for pipe fabrication design and as-built. Regular UAS surveys were performed for site volumes, parameter estimation, and post construction as-builts.

The project site had over 200 craft workers and safety was the highest priority. SAM was recognized by the prime contractor for exceptional commitment to safety and received a Safety Crew of the Month award from Kiewit during the execution of the project.

Project Details: