Aerial LiDAR & Remote Sensing

Geospatial Intelligence Analyzed On, Above, and Below Earth’s Surface

Large infrastructure programs require accurate Geospatial intelligence to maximize business outcomes. SAM provides dual scan, large format LiDAR sensors that rapidly gather dense surface models with survey-grade accuracy. Our fixed-wing, rotary, crewed, and uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) efficiently capture high-density point clouds tightly coupled with vertical and oblique photography. With automated classification tools that leverage AI/ML routines, our data scientists extract actionable insights to support informed business decisions.


Data Acquisition and Processing

Data Acquisition and Processing

Our natural color (RGB), multispectral, near-infrared, thermal, and hyperspectral sensors can meet a variety of objectives for planning, design, condition assessment, and asset inventory purposes.

Semi-Automated Data Classification and Feature Extraction

Semi-Automated Data Classification and Feature Extraction

Point and pixel classification tools leverage AI/ML routines so Geospatial analysts can derive actionable insights to support informed business decisions.

Multi-Sensor Scanning and Image Arrays

Multi-Sensor Scanning and Image Arrays

LiDAR and Remote Sensing instruments are configured so that multi-purpose, multi-directional, information-rich, Geospatial data can be acquired simultaneously in a single flight.
Flight Operations Covering North America
SAM operates Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) out of 17 multi-discipline offices today, and we are continuously expanding these local area flight capabilities. We have 5 manned, fixed-based operations strategically located to cover North America efficiently. This advantage allows our crews to quickly mobilize to sites and efficiently acquire Geospatial data at scale and volume unmatched in the industry. When we arrive on-site, we carry a large payload of sensors and geomatics equipment that are supported by SAM’s full-time licensed surveyors. SAM delivers spatial data that complies with state regulations and national mapping standards. The Managed Geospatial Services™ are provided holistically by licensed professionals who are trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative.


SAM has built a reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative partner.

Over 1000 data scientists, professionally licensed surveyors, certified photogrammetrists, certified LiDAR specialists, certified thermographers, GIS professionals, and remote sensing analysts comprise the Aerial Mapping & Remote Sensing services.

SAM transforms petabytes of complex spatial data into intelligent insights in a holistic Managed Geospatial Services™ (MGS™) framework. MGS™ is the digital ecosystem that simplifies the complicated so our clients can achieve the impactful outcomes that drive their business forward.

As North America’s premiere MGS™ company, SAM provides practical, precise, and high-fidelity solutions designed to enhance decision-making, mitigate risks, achieve strategic objectives, and drive costs out of our client’s business. Our vision is to advance spatial data acquisition, improve analysis capabilities, and develop predictive analytics to redefine and transform how infrastructure assets are developed and managed throughout their lifecycles.

Facilitating an FRZ-Located Substation Mapping Project

Upgrading and modernizing power systems is one of the top challenges facing the electric power industry today. Aerial Mapping is a quick and cost-effective solution for gathering the data necessary to make these upgrades. However, this becomes exponentially more difficult in Flight Restriction Zones (FRZs). See how SAM leveraged relationships with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and cutting-edge dual laser scanning technology to gather high-quality LiDAR data for a 15-acre electric substation near Washington, DC.

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