Aerial LiDAR Services

By owning our own aircraft and deploying the most advanced technologies, we provide our clients fast, accurate, and high-quality data through our aerial LiDAR services. Aerial LiDAR provides extraordinary efficiency and speed in gathering accurate spatial data and is integrated with our image sensors to provide simultaneous LiDAR and image acquisition. 

Our solutions are designed to provide clients with the point density and coverage options that meets their specific needs. With sensors mounted on manned and unmanned platforms, our aerial LiDAR sensors can be tailored to generate high-density point clouds for feature extraction of transmission line mapping and highway design surveys or lower point densities where applicable for wide area mapping such as land development, ALTA surveys, municipal mapping, and countywide GIS updates.

SAM owns and operates aerial LiDAR sensors and a fleet of manned and unmanned aircraft, giving us total control over the process and the resource capacity to meet clients’ demanding schedules. 

What differentiates SAM?

SAM differentiates itself in the industry by investing heavily in the three most important pieces needed to deliver exceptional aerial LiDAR solutions. First and most important is the development, recruitment, and continuing education of a diversified experienced professional staff. Over 100 scientists, licensed surveyors, certified photogrammetrists, certified LiDAR specialist, certified thermographers, GIS professionals, and remote sensing analysts comprise the geospatial team. Next, to enhance product quality our professionals utilize the most advanced, modern aviation, scanning, and image technology available. Finally, SAM’s hardware and software infrastructure is built to support the geospatial processing demands.

We operate the most advanced LiDAR scanning systems available, giving you an exceptionally high rate of data capture, a broad field-of-view, and high-resolution results. A key benefit of our scanning systems are their high data density capabilities, ranging from 50 to 100 points per square meter, acquired with a fixed wing platform, flying at altitudes and speeds previously not obtainable.

Complete in-house data processing

Using multiple data processing software systems, SAM tailors LiDAR data processing to the specific need of the client. We are able to deliver data in a wide variety of digital formats including all the most commonly used CADD and GIS formats.

We upgrade our instruments and software regularly to ensure compatibility with client systems and to safeguard the integrity and security of data. All LiDAR processing is performed in SAM offices located in the U.S., ensuring the client’s critical infrastructure is not compromised by data security threats.

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

Key Services

  • Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Fixed-wing, Rotary, and UAS Aerial LiDAR Platforms
  • Semi-automated Data Classification and Feature Extraction
  • Integrated LiDAR with Mobile and Terrestrial Scanners
  • Multi-Sensor Scanning and Image Arrays

Ready to meet your program needs

If you are seeking a partner you can trust to deliver fast, high-quality, accurate aerial surveys, SAM is here to help. Our aerial LiDAR solutions are one more way SAM invests in our clients’ success.