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Revolutionizing Engineering Inspections with Augmented Reality Innovations

Engineering Inspection services are a critical link between design and execution. We provide material testing to validate as-built to engineering design criteria, with expertise in program management for transportation infrastructure. Our engineering team provides quality assurance to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, thus providing our clients with the trusted confidence that their program is being executed on time, within budget, and with the highest quality engineering standards.

SAM has embedded advanced technology and modern scientific instruments, digital sensors, and software solutions to enhance our engineering inspection services. The innovative tools enable engineers and program managers to rapidly gain the inputs to secure the insights that enhance the outcomes that we are seeking for our clients. SAM swiftly mitigates stakeholder risks to focus actions that align with the strategic objectives that positively impact the financial performance of an infrastructure program.

Leveraging technology, we translate the results into actionable intelligence that supports informed technical business decisions. It’s our unwavering commitment to innovate today that transforms our vision of improving infrastructure for tomorrow.

Engineering Inspection SOLUTIONS

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Engineering Inspection services uniquely capture progress-driven metrics and implement clear communication for all stakeholders, with a rigorous set of check-and-balances to improve the quality of the program.

Program Management

Program Management

We surround our Program Managers with the necessary subject matter experts so that program inspection, coordination, communication, and oversight lead to a program’s overall success.



Augmented reality-supported 3D modeling solutions provide a clearer view of progress, combining design elements and actual as-built site conditions into a single view that enhances the inspection outcomes.
Trusted, Knowledgeable, and Innovative Professionals Managing Infrastructure Progress

SAM has more than 30 years of experience partnering with government entities and commercial firms on infrastructure improvement programs. We inspect and analyze infrastructure using Geospatial data to support data-driven, informed technical business decisions that positively impact a program’s financial outcome. Our leadership consists of professional engineers with decades of experience. These licensed professionals are supported by quality inspectors who acquire Geospatial data, material, and accompanying records to confirm that infrastructure is being built as designed and complies with local, state, and federal standards. 







SAM’s professional engineers, data scientists, and quality inspectors bring exceptional experience and expertise to infrastructure programs. With former DOT experts on our team, we have a deep understanding of how to execute programs.


SAM has built a reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative partner.

SAM transforms petabytes of complex spatial data into intelligent insights in a holistic Managed Geospatial Services™ (MGS™) framework. MGS™ is the digital ecosystem that simplifies the complicated so our clients can achieve the impactful outcomes that drive their business forward.

As North America’s premiere MGS™ company, SAM provides practical, precise, and high-fidelity solutions designed to enhance decision-making, mitigate risks, achieve strategic objectives, and drive costs out of our client’s business. Our vision is to advance spatial data acquisition, improve analysis capabilities, and develop predictive analytics to redefine and transform how infrastructure assets are developed and managed throughout their lifecycles.

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