Engineering Inspection

With you for the life of your construction project

SAM’s construction services are the critical link between design and execution. We provide construction and materials testing teams around the nation with expertise in construction oversight for all types of transportation facilities. Our team of construction record keepers keep projects in compliance with State and Federal requirements, thus providing the confidence necessary to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Our public and private sector clients rely on our complete range of advanced technology solutions to supply critical data and support communication among teams. Add to that our national reach and ability to scale quickly, and SAM becomes more than a service provider — we’re a trusted partner in your project delivery.

Foundational support

Prior to construction, SAM delivers reliable data at every project stage, starting with the critical first construction survey. We use a proprietary combination of high-density LiDAR, 3D scanners and other sensors to collect detailed data and as-visible imagery to create a more complete picture of site and project conditions. Advanced analytics and filtering technologies allow us to quickly map varied terrains, identify potential conflicts or anomalies, and reduce project risks during the design phase.


Complete program management

During construction, our SAM-CS program management services work with contractors, consultants, trades, and vendors to keep communications open, maintain project controls, and set clear expectations for quality and performance. We are active at every stage of a project, from the first preconstruction meeting through the final acceptance process. Services include a full range of construction engineering and inspection services on both Traditional and Design-Build projects, quality assurance/quality control, and contract compliance so that all state and federal requirements are achieved.

With a broad national footprint, we bring industry-leading technology and labor resources that other CEI firms can’t match. In addition, our clients benefit from our program managers’ local knowledge and strong partner networks.

From the first foundational survey data to the last contract audit, SAM’s construction services team delivers reassuring continuity across the life of your construction project.

Reach out today and learn how we can put our resources to work on your next construction project.