SAM Technology Symposium

A Discussion on Managed Geospatial Services ™

28 March, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
1401 Florida Mall Ave, Orlando, FL, 32809

Geospatial data-driven decisions for government

A parks and wildlife department performs a wildlife population survey, a local sheriff’s office updates its address database, and a flood control district creates an inundation model. They all have one thing in common: each organization needs accurate geospatial data to make informed decisions and better serve the public’s interest. Stormwater inventories, utility condition assessment, or Aerial LiDAR & Imagery over a regional planning area, SAM possesses the experience to build a comprehensive Managed Geospatial Services™ strategy for all levels of government. With our suite of professional services, we can employ a cost-effective Geospatial and Inspection service that best serves your geographic area of governance.

Government Markets

Federal Government
Federal Government
SAM has decades of geospatial and geomatics experience working for the Federal Government as a Prime contractor or Tier 1 subcontractor and currently participates in the Small Business Administration’s Mentor-Protégé program.
State Government
State Government
The Texas Department of Transportation was our first client over thirty years ago. Since our founding, SAM is licensed and qualified to provide professional Geomatics services in 45 of the lower 48 states.
Regional Government
Regional Government
Regional governments represent members, cities, and counties that seek to provide cooperative planning, coordination, and technical assistance on issues of mutual benefit across jurisdictional lines. Thus, all stakeholders are ideally suited for SAM's Managed Geospatial Services™ to deliver data-driven decisions.
Local Government
Local Government
We live, work, and support many communities across the country. We know the local issues and where we can best align our business and volunteer spirit to make a difference.
Trusted, Knowledgeable, and Innovative Professionals Managing Infrastructure Progress

SAM has over 30 years of experience partnering with government entities on infrastructure improvement programs. We process and analyze geospatial data to support data-driven, informed business decisions that positively impact a government’s community service. We employ over 1,000 office professionals experienced in geospatial processing and analytics. These office professionals are supported by over 500 field staff members who acquire geospatial data at a volume, reach, and scale unmatched in the industry.

Our People

SAM’s certified GIS Professionals, Licensed Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers, Data Scientists, and Geospatial Technicians, bring exceptional experience and expertise to infrastructure programs at all levels of government. With current and former government employees on our team, we have a deep understanding of how to execute programs in the public’s best interests. 

Why Sam?

SAM has built a reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative partner.

As the nation’s largest Geospatial and Inspection services firm, we provide practical, accurate, and high-fidelity deliverables to enhance decision-making, mitigate risks, achieve strategic objectives, and drive costs out for stakeholders. Our vision is to advance spatial data acquisition, improve analysis capabilities, and develop predictive analytics to redefine and transform how infrastructure assets are developed and managed throughout their lifecycles.

SAM’s licensed professionals transform petabytes of complex spatial data into intelligent insights in a holistic Managed Geospatial Services™ framework. Managed Geospatial Services™ is the digital ecosystem that simplifies the complicated so our clients can achieve impactful outcomes for their communities.

Talk to a SAM expert today to see how we can support your government program.