Transportation Services

It takes experience and innovation to move transportation projects ahead quickly and reliably. SAM offers both—across a complete range of transportation infrastructure solutions.

From surveying and aerial mapping to utility engineering, construction services, and construction staking, SAM brings a comprehensive suite of expertise to every highway, rail, aviation, and port project.  In addition, SAM-Construction Services (SAM-CS) provides our clients with extensive experience in Program Management and Project Management.


Our Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) team oversees activities from roadway to structures inspection, contract compliance, and detailed document control and records keeping services. Together, both SAM and SAM-CS provides comprehensive, innovative transportation services to solve today’s infrastructure challenges. Our shared vision is to empower and create economic opportunities within our communities through quicker completion of successful transportation projects.

We provide turnkey solutions

No matter your needs, SAM offers the combined support of our geospatial solutions and construction service teams. Our practices inform one another’s work, bringing fresh perspectives to potential challenges at every stage of a transportation project. And whether you begin with transportation infrastructure mapping, design or construction, we ensure the pieces fit seamlessly together.

Our technology is a game-changer for our clients

We adopt the industry’s best technologies and work closely with their developers to add the features that help us collect more accurate data and communicate results faster. Whether we’re using augmented reality to reduce conflicts in the field, deploying 3D planning solutions that meet evolving Department of Transportation requirements, or deploying the latest mapping technology that captures even the smallest details with unprecedented clarity, SAM is investing in your project’s success.

We put clear communication first

SAM works upfront with stakeholders to identify a project’s unique needs and create a unified vision. We’re adept at managing multiple channels of communication and delivering the documentation clients need to complete both small local and nationwide multibillion-dollar projects at speed. For many of our clients, SAM’s work sets the standard for project management. Our secret is simple: Responsiveness, clear and timely reporting, and a focus on collaborative problem-solving.

Our experience speaks for itself

SAM has decades of experience working to and overseeing compliance with, state Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration requirements. Of course, our team holds the necessary certifications and licenses to reliably move projects forward.

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Key Services

Land Surveying

  • GPS Surveying for Project Development and Construction
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Route Surveying
  • Right-of-way Mapping
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • Drainage Feature and Facility Surveys
  • Ground Control for Aerial Mapping
  • HDS terrestrial laser scanning
  • Construction Staking and As-built Surveys

Aerial Mapping

  • Digital Orthophotography
  • Digital Planimetric and Topographic Mapping
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)

Utility Engineering

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Utility Locating and Marking
  • Non-Destructive Vacuum Excavation
  • CAD Plan Preparation
  • Utility Survey Design/Specification
  • Utility Relocation Plans
  • Conflict Identification and Site Management
  • Record Research/Data Collection
  • Visible Surface Feature Survey

Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI)

  • Pre-construction conference management
  • Development of Quality Management Plans
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC)
  • Schedule development, review and analysis
  • Materials testing planning and coordination
  • Independent Quality or Owner Verification on Design-Build projects
  • Construction observation and verification
  • Change Order and Shop Drawing management
  • Environmental Compliance oversight
  • Contractor and subcontractor coordination
  • Traffic control compliance review
  • Construction estimation payment review and recommendation
  • Review, monitor and evaluate project documentation
  • Recording of project conditions before and during construction
  • Oversight for Substantial Completion and project Final Acceptance
  • Management of final as-built plans
  • Auditing of project records
  • Management of warranties and product instructions

Program and Project Management

  • Program Management for Local Governments
  • Transportation Corridor Management
  • Design Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • Master Schedule Analysis
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Cost Estimating
  • Change Order Management
  • Claims Analysis and Avoidance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Facility Assessment and Condition Surveys
  • Audit Management