Aerial Mapping Services

SAM’s industry-leading aerial mapping services lay the foundation to support reliable planning, design, and construction work across a wide range of industries. Our advanced geospatial technology solutions deliver survey and mapping data and insights, even in the most complex urban environments or in challenging terrain. The result is a clean, accurate 3D digital dataset optimized for 3D modeling within client workflows. Our ability to scale resources, national presence, and dedicated project management ensure that quality deliverables are completed in a timely matter.

SAM works to your project’s required level of detail

At SAM, we provide high-density, detailed resolution remote sensing datasets that achieve survey grade accuracies utilized for engineering design and as-built documentation. SAM works with you during the project planning phase to ensure we have a complete understanding of your project needs. Once the requirements are identified, SAM Project Managers then coordinate with your team to determine the best approach, technology, tools, and resources to achieve the project goals. Our tools include manned and unmanned aircraft, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, and mobile mapping for highway, off-road, or marine environments. All our LiDAR and scanning platforms are tightly coupled with high-definition image sensors where data can be acquired in both the visible and non-visible electromagnetic spectrum. Multiple sensors can be configured for acquisition during a single flight or drive that yields high value, multi-purpose products in an efficient manner.

Our natural color (RGB), multispectral, near-infrared, thermal, and hyperspectral sensors can meet a variety of objectives. Our survey and mapping platforms and sensors can collect high-value data for planning, environmental, design, condition assessment, and asset inventory purposes. Additionally, these assets can be rapidly mobilized to support emergency response for natural and man-made disasters.

Unlike single purpose mapping sensors, our multi-sensor configurations are capable of collecting multiple high-resolution data sets in one single pass, eliminating the need for multiple aircraft, additional mobilizations of crews and flights, allowing faster data collection, reducing fieldwork activities and consequently reducing overall project costs. Using advanced IT infrastructure with distributed nodes for data processing and filtering technologies, we are able to quickly deliver terrain and above terrain datasets, classify 3D features, and identify anomalies using semi-automated feature extraction methods.

Our customized deliverables are designed to be integrated seamlessly into clients’ workflows. We can even provide custom dashboards that give clients instant access to work-in-progress and project status.

Discover how SAM’s fast, data-rich aerial mapping and geospatial services can support your next project

At SAM, we do more than provide geospatial data — we create and deliver unique, customized solutions and with high-value analytics.