3D documentation using laser scanning is now widely accepted for Engineering and asset management and is recognized as the most trusted solution to prove quality as-built and as-building conditions. Quality 3D spatial data can be the foundation to move business into the future, including BIM and Digital Twin Modeling.

SAM offers a full range of Geospatial, Utility Engineering, and Inspection services to support infrastructure-focused programs, which bring all the spatial datasets into a combined operating picture. SAM is fueling progress through technological innovation. We have the reach, scale, resources, and highest level of professional standards and accreditation levels. SAM has experience throughout the infrastructure life cycle.

Your required LOD in your preferred format

Our experienced building science professionals work with each client to identify project goals and ensure your model meets your needs. Models can range from basic shapes with little detail to highly targeted designs that support engineering, fabrication and construction documentation. All modeling work is done in-house by SAM’s skilled AutoCAD and Revit specialists.

We pride ourselves on providing easy-to-use deliverables—customized and ready to import into your workflow. The SAM GeoPortal even provides a convenient, single point of access to your data, allowing you to share the data across the entire project team.

Featured Team Member

Chris Zmijewski, our Vice President and Office Manager, can assist you with all of your Building Information Modeling needs.

Start with the best data

SAM can also gather the precision data for your model. Our complete range of 3D laser scanning and LiDAR solutions can address virtually any project’s needs and budget. In addition, our spherical cameras and video technologies can supplement your data with immersive context. Many clients rely on SAM to gather more detailed data than a conventional survey can offer, supplement in-house capabilities, and reduce time-consuming field visits.

Key Services

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Independent Data Processing/Validation
  • Virtual Design Construction
  • 3D Modeling
  • Visualizations/Animations
  • Consulting
Ready to meet your project needs

SAM has created BIM models to strengthen estimation, support prefabrication, reduce job-site conflicts, and preserve building data for the full project life cycle. Discover how SAM’s data-rich BIM and 3D imaging services can support your next project.