Empowering Safe and Reliable Service through Managed Geospatial Services™

Managed Geospatial Services™ enable utilities to navigate the complex landscape of regulations and provide cost-saving strategies so utilities can focus on their core customer business activities. With SAM’s relentless emphasis on resource management, Managed Geospatial Services™ supports utility infrastructure planning, design, development, and maintenance. In fact, we have built a reputation for being the most trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative Geospatial and Inspection firm in North America. Throughout the asset’s lifecycle, SAM will apply proven strategies to support the sustainability, efficiency, and conservation of electric, water, telecom, and natural gas infrastructure.

National Reach, Trusted Local Knowledge, Innovative Technology Solutions

No utility infrastructure program is the same, and each one requires a specialized approach. While many electrical grids and gas distribution networks are well-established, changing infrastructure demands, renewable energy, and water resource improvements are breaking new ground. Regardless of your program, SAM has the right approach to providing rich, high-fidelity data delivered in a Managed Geospatial Service™ framework. With an emphasis on safety and a deep knowledge of regulatory standards and permitting requirements, our trusted team has the experience to ensure your assets are designed, built, and maintained for maximum performance.

Our People

SAM’s licensed and certified professionals include Geomatics, Engineers, Photogrammetrists, GIS, Safety and Risk Management, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists, LiDAR, and Image Technicians who apply the best practices to address the challenges of managing your assets. We offer a holistic perspective, providing Managed Geospatial Services™ for the complete lifecycle of critical infrastructure and asset management.

Why Sam?

SAM has built a reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable, and innovative partner.

SAM transforms petabytes of complex spatial data into intelligent insights in a holistic Managed Geospatial Services™ (MGS™) framework. MGS™ is the digital ecosystem that simplifies the complicated so our clients can achieve the impactful outcomes that drive their business forward.

As North America’s premiere MGS™ company, SAM provides practical, precise, and high-fidelity solutions designed to enhance decision-making, mitigate risks, achieve strategic objectives, and drive costs out of our client’s business. Our vision is to advance spatial data acquisition, improve analysis capabilities, and develop predictive analytics to redefine and transform how infrastructure assets are developed and managed throughout their lifecycles.

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