ALDOT Interstate 10 Mobile Bay Bridge

Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama

SAM (formerly as HALIS) was selected to provide mapping utilizing our integrated LiDAR/aerial imagery system for the I10 Mobile River bridge and lane widening project in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama. The project included a corridor approximately 17 miles in length, with varying corridor widths along the route.

Working with Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) personnel, SAM provided desired locations and accuracies for control to be utilized in the calibration and validation of aerial datasets. ALDOT provided control values for each selected location, providing vertical accuracies of better than 0.05′ to support the high accuracy demanded of the final deliverables. Utilizing our SAM project approach, LiDAR data and aerial photography were acquired from a helicopter platform, with both datasets captured during the same flight. LiDAR was captured with a point density of 20 points per meter and imagery was captured for a 3″ pixel resolution. Utilizing the calibrated datasets, SAM delivered full topographic and planimetric mapping in ALDOT CADD standards.

Following project delivery, ALDOT utilized the CADD files and LiDAR point clouds to prepare full 3D models of the project to be used in public meetings. The completed models and fly-throughs were instrumental to the project engineers in describing the final appearance of the planned improvements, and used in meetings with local citizens and historical societies to help overcome individual concerns regarding corridor appearance.

Project Details: