Spur 601

El Paso, Texas

Spur 601 Inner Loop Project is a 7.4-mile, 6-lane, controlled access, elevated highway from US 54 to Loop 375. The project involved widening an existing 1.6 mile section of Fred Wilson Avenue from US 54 to the junction of Fred Wilson with Airport Road and Sergeant Major Road. It then continues east on a new location route through Ft. Bliss Military Reservation to an interchange with Loop 375. A section of the project will be adjacent to the El Paso International Airport north property line. The project also involves several new roadway improvements within the base and the airport property. This $380 million facility is a Pass-Through Toll Agreement between JD Abrams and the Texas Department of Transportation, and is scheduled to be completed by January 2010.

SAM provided all right-of-way (ROW) surveying and mapping services, design surveying, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services, and the Utility Coordination services for the project. Prior to working with the Abrams Team, the firm had previously provided services in connection with the project under contract with the El Paso District of TxDOT. A portion of the work completed for TxDOT included providing specialized aerial mapping services to produce a high-accuracy mapping product (0.4-foot interval DTM) along Fred Wilson Avenue from US 54 to just east of Chaffe Road in Ft. Bliss. The aerial mapping products included a 1-mile section of US 54 (1/2-mile each direction from Fred Wilson). This aerial mapping was provided in order to obtain high-accuracy survey data along the pavement of Fred Wilson and US 54 without having to endanger field personal by placing them within the travel lanes of the road to obtain survey data.

The project had 307,100 linear feet of overhead and underground utilities within the 7.4-mile project owned and operated by seventeen utility companies. There were 178 utility conflicts that required 38 relocation assembly packages meeting TxDOT (UAR) rules.

Project Details: