Colby Utility Infrastructure

Colby, Kansas

This project objective was to advance the City of Colby from CAD and paper maps to a comprehensive and responsive GIS program for multiple utilities.

The City of Colby, Kansas was interested in transferring their CAD drawings into an active and web-based GIS program. Beginning with electric and water in 2015, SAM (formerly Midland GIS Solutions) not only located and mapped the City’s infrastructure, but collected inventory and inspection data that was integrated into a complete asset management geodatabase through Integrity™. Integrity™ is our web-based and mobile software solution to edit, maintain and analyze GIS data to create built-in workflows for daily operations and utility asset management for municipal government. With all of this into one site, the City can quickly access their mapping data on any computer or mobile device.

In the years to follow Colby hired our firm to collect data on sewer along with updating network features and implementing them into the existing geodatabase. Inspection of all sewer attributes were included and also imported into the GIS program. Altogether the projects in Colby consisted of nearly 15,000 assets across 10,300 acres.

After our completion of the projects, Colby was able to start utilizing the asset management functionality within the Integrity™ system to track their activities such as water main breaks, leaks, transformer change-out and sanitary sewer cleaning and rehab.

Project Details: