SAM Awarded Contract to Survey Seven Solar Projects Across the State of Louisiana

September 22, 2022

SAM has been awarded a contract by one of the largest renewable companies in the country to provide geospatial services for seven solar projects totaling over 17,000 acres across the state of Louisiana. SAM will conduct surveying, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), aerial LiDAR, utility coordination, and deed research services depending on the needs of each of the seven projects. Once completed, these locations are projected to have a 1,700MW capacity.

“We are proud to support a greener grid by contributing to the expansion of solar energy and helping our client meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goal of bringing additional renewable electric generation online,” said Chris Garza, SAM Renewables Group Lead.

Our crews will be an integral part of the solar projects from the start, assisting with deed research, including information on the parent tracts and easements for each parcel of land. SAM technicians will conduct SUE investigations on the project sites to locate existing utilities. We will also supply topographic surveys using conventional survey, global positioning system (GPS), and aerial LiDAR methods. These topographic surveys help the client discern where their buildable area is and how much cut and fill they will need to make building the arrays feasible. Once complete, we will aggregate all of the collected information into a boundary survey which the client will use to design their solar arrays.

SAM was chosen, in part, due to our multi-service approach, which allows our teams to contribute across various stages of the project lifecycle. Additionally, our proven ability to mobilize staff quickly, along with our national scope, meant that the client was confident SAM would be able to complete work on each of the projects within their aggressive timeline.

SAM has over 25 years of experience in the renewable industry. Our team can provide various types of deliverables simultaneously, in one package, to help with the development process. Visit our website to learn more about working with SAM’s professionals for your wind, solar, or battery storage project.