Utility Coordination

SAM’s utility coordination services provide the most complete picture of existing site infrastructure, giving owners and developers the confidence to move forward with planning, design, and utility relocation. SAM has a reputation for delivering exceptionally reliable data fast, reducing downstream conflict, and helping meet even the tightest schedules.

As one of the most experienced utility coordination teams in the nation, SAM is the partner of choice for project owners around the nation.

Experience across a range of solutions

With expertise in geospatial solutions and inspection solutions, our team of licensed engineers, project managers, and utility coordinators can help you in a variety of ways: moving concept development, conflict identification, engineering design, and preliminary construction activities forward with efficiency—and in accordance with pertinent regulations.

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Discover the SAM Difference
Ready for a deeply experienced team that takes the guesswork out of utility conflicts and resolutions? Let SAM help you fast-track your program development.

Key Services

  • Site Management
  • Data Management
  • Program Tracking Graphics
  • Agreement Assembly and Processing
  • Verification of Utility Invoicing
  • Site Inspection and As-built Plans
  • Federal, State, and Local Utility Procedures + Project Documentation
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) + Utility Conflict Resolution
  • Utility Conceptual Plan
  • ROW Maps
  • Assignment Verification
  • Conducting Meetings with Utility Owners, Designers, Contractors, and Client
  • Value Engineering
  • Complete Agreement Assemblies
  • Permitting
  • Joint Use
  • Exceptions
  • Plans, Specifications, and Estimates
  • Schedules of Work
  • Eligibility and Betterments
  • Property Interest
  • Inclusion of Work in Roadway Contract + Advanced Funding Agreements
  • Buy America Compliance
  • Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements
  • Abandonment Maps
  • As-Built Submittals
  • Utility Billing and Payments
  • Utility Construction Accommodation
  • Utility Construction Monitoring and Verification

Our technology is a game-changer

SAM deploys state-of-the-art geophysical sensing equipment to identify, designate, locate, and map existing and abandoned utility infrastructure. Specific techniques we use include magnetic, sonic, and acoustic technologies; ground-penetrating radar; and radio frequency detection.

We also provide a full range of vacuum excavation services and maintain a fleet of state-of-the-art vacuum excavation equipment for “safe dig” operations to safely uncover and measure the exact horizontal and vertical position of a utility.