Kerry Gore

Kerry Gore

Senior Manager

Kerry Gore serves as the UC Department Manager for the Atlanta, Georgia office. Prior to his employment with SAM, he was a dedicated employee of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for 28 years serving in various roles as Construction Project Manager, Utilities Engineer, District Utilities Engineer, and was in charge of supervision and management of the GDOT State Utility Preconstruction, Railroad, and Utility Construction Program as Assistant State Utilities Engineer. Given Kerry’s many years of experience within the Department, as well as him now serving Clients from the private sector, he has become a leading expert in Utilities Policies and Procedures and Utility Construction practices. His experience allowed him to gain an extensive knowledge on the utility coordination procedures and developing Utility Risk assessments and mitigation strategies in the planning, concept, preliminary/final design and construction phases of a project, as well as federal and state law requirements. Kerry was just recently recognized with GDOT at the 2023 AASHTO CRUO, an award given for the outstanding innovation in mitigating risk within utility planning by implementing a Preliminary Utility Relocation Process (PURP).

Kerry’s goal for an ‘Early Engagement’ approach is to start at Concept by building a risk registry that identifies and rates the risk assessment of existing utility conditions, describing the impacts on the project schedule (to include estimated utility relocation time), the scope and utility/project budget, and propose mitigation options. Equally important is the principle of ‘Active Utility Management’, maintained until the conflicts are either avoided, mitigated, or accommodated to produce a quality project safely and on time.

Mr. Gore is an active participant in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), serving as Co-Chair within the Utility Task Group Committee, as well as the Design Build Workshop Group, American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE), Georgia Utility Counsel Committee, and GDOT-GUCC-Georgia Highway Contractors Association (GHCA) task force.

Kerry’s favorite SAM core values are both People and Excellence in Service. He believes that people are the foremost foundational element to SAM’s success in our UC Program. Surrounded by the most talented and diversified UC group in Georgia, they constantly strive to be excellent in their service to our clients. They are second to none. They believe in mentoring, encouraging, and growing each other to leverage their skillsets and create a company culture where SAM is a partner in delivering the client’s personal and institutional agendas. He currently resides in Georgia with his wife.  They are blessed with two grown children and are very active in their personal lives.