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Our geomatics solutions allow us to capture spatial data in the most difficult-to-access locations, providing a reliable foundation for a wide range of projects.

Aerial Mapping

Our LiDAR, natural color photography, and multispectral imagery acquired in one combined mission create the foundation for high-fidelity 3D spatial data for planning, design, and development of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Engineering Inspection

Our augmented reality innovations revolutionize field inspection by verifying as-built or as-building new infrastructure to engineering design criteria, optimizing efficiency and transparency while streamlining communication and acceptance for all stakeholders.

Utility Engineering

SAM transforms utility assets into rich visualizations by integrating surface and subsurface spatial datasets into an interactive, 3D digital format so owners, engineers, and utility coordinators can make informed decisions for locating and relocating utility infrastructure.


Clients can leverage our extensive range of spatial data solutions to support their project planning, mapping, and asset management.


SAM delivers the detailed modeling experience and accuracy you need to design and build with confidence.


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Our talented team has market expertise to perform projects of all sizes, from local route surveying to complex, multibillion-dollar construction services for a range of industries.


We are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion, learning, and technical innovation.