Underground Fiber Telecommunication Network

East Texas

SAM used our airborne LiDAR technology to collect survey terrain data and produce full planimetric mapping for over 6 miles of a rural route in east Texas. The client was a telecommunications engineering and construction firm involved in the design of underground fiber installations in rural communities. Airborne LiDAR was used for the project because using conventional survey methods would have been much more time-consuming and expensive. Scanning technology allowed us to accelerate the project time line, capture more accurate and useful information about the surrounding terrain, and provide bird’s-eye view imagery of the project area. Conventional surveying was only required to establish overall project control.

The primary services provided by SAM included project planning, establishing survey control, data acquisition and calibration, data processing and feature extraction, QA/QC processes, and preparation of a MicroStation DGN file of the planimetric mapping and DTM/DEM files, LAS files, and 3″ pixel orthophotography for client delivery.

Project Details: