Putnam County Parcel Mapping

Putnam County, Florida

This project objective was to incorporate all parcel dimension annotation into the county’s existing GIS database.

Putnam County, Florida was in need of a way to maintain their parcel data, and contracted with SAM (formerly Midland GIS Solutions) based on qualifications in 2015 to assist in providing parcel maintenance services. Our team also set the county up with an online Property Change Form website as a way to upload deeds, surveys and other images and documents to the same website. Each parcel ID can also be linked to the county’s GIS as a way for department staff to quickly reference a parcel to the information.

Since their initial contract in 2015, Putnam County has annually sought services from our firm that include ongoing parcel maintenance and updates, dimension annotation in the county’s parcel fabric and parcel dimension projects in the county’s parcel fabric to rectify any inaccuracies in the county’s data. The project includes over 700,000 existing lines of annotation.

Today, Putnam County meets all regulations and requirements set by the Florida Department of Revenue for a county to have correctly mapped parcel dimensions for accurate tax assessment.

Project Details: