NERC Survey of Generation Plant Interconnects


SAM performed a ground-based LiDAR survey for two generating station interconnects in Malvern Arkansas and Jackson, Mississippi.

Using terrestrial static LiDAR, the interconnect lines, structures and adjacent improvements were located. The ground-based LiDAR was controlled with existing control points within the specified limits of the survey to accurately reference the scan data to the control network. Features were scanned with sufficient point density to create accurate point cloud as-builts of the facilities, delivered in PLS-CADD format, and utilizing the utility owners unique feature codes.

The LiDAR data was processed to provide features requested by the client. Deliverables included PLS-CADD files of the interconnects (conductor, bus work, structures and attachments), meteorological data, and control data. This new data was utilized to perform NERC re-rating of the interconnects.

Project Details: