Main Street RR Crossing Utility Engineering

Darby Borough, Pennsylvania

SAM provided Subsurface Utility Engineering services for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to support preliminary engineering and final design for improvements for a roadway/railroad/trolley grade crossing. SAM utilized industry standard equipment to designate the utilities and a vacuum excavation truck to locate the depths of the utilities.

Some of the challenges on this project included the ability to accurately depict and designate (QL-B) information on the underground utilities due to the interference from the railroad/trolley metal tracks. Railway tracks are basically above-ground conductors that negatively influence the signal of nearby utilities when using electromagnetic SUE equipment. Alternate designating techniques were used by SAM field personnel to depict and mark the utilities at this intersection without issue. Another challenge was excavating test holes (QL-A) as close to the rails without influencing their integrity, but by working carefully, SAM was able to meet the needs of the client.

The project was completed on time and within budget, largely due to close communication with both the field crew and the client.

Project Details: