Low Country Rapid Transit Phase II

Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina

SAM performed aerial and mobile mapping for approximately 26 miles for the proposed bus rapid bus corridor in 2019 under Phase I of the contract with the prime engineer. Phase II of the project was initiated with the implementation of the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) portion of the project to support the 30% design planning by the engineer. SAM was one of three companies to perform the SUE. The 26-mile corridor was divided into three sections where each company was responsible for performing the SUE at all intersections within their designated area. SAM performing the QL-B, QL-C and QL-D, power pole connectivity, and sanitary sewer survey for Sections B, C and D. Section B began at Mt. Pleasant Road and Section D ended at Ashley Phosphate Road. During this phase of the project the approximate totals for SUE are as follows: QL-B at 176,799 LF, QL-C at 22,867 LF, OL-D at 10,190 LF, 522 power poles, and sanitary 221 sewer inverts. The final product was delivered to the prime engineer in July 2020.

Project Details: