I-35 Waco Mobile Mapping

Waco, Texas

This project consisted of conventional surveying and mobile mapping along the I-35 Corridor in Waco, Texas for the purpose of designing several roadway improvements within the project limits, including the roadway realignment and widening of the main lanes of I-35.  The limits of the survey extended from the outer edges of pavement of the existing main lanes of I-35 along an 8.3 mile corridor.  Additional to these limits, SAM also surveyed 16 crossing and intersecting streets along the corridor, this totaled an additional eight miles.  The mobile mapping system was employed to survey the 16 crossing and intersecting streets from back of curb to back of curb along the survey corridor.

Due to the great amount of traffic in this area, the Mobile Mapping field collection mission was performed within the span of two days during off peak hours in order to reduce the impact to the traveling public as well as the level of “noise” in the data.  After performing the point cloud calibrations, 2-D and 3-D data was extracted for each road at an average of three days per crossing street.  The mobile mapping data was merged with the conventional surveying data collected in order to create a unified 2-D planimetric drawing as well as a 3-D DTM and TIN.  These merged files were then appended to existing aerial mapping data.

As an additional service, the mobile mapping data collected was utilized to create a sign inventory along the crossing streets as well as the I-35 frontage roads within the project limits.  The sign inventory generated consisted of a database containing the horizontal position (northing and easting) of all the traffic signs along the alignment, a description of the type of sign and a picture of the sign. Collected 17 miles of I-35 and all crossing streets with Mobile Mapping Scanners. Created a smooth best estimated trajectory, matched trajectory with the scan data, flight lines stitched together.  Extracted a sign inventory, which included photos of the signs, coordinate values for each sign, and a spreadsheet which included a description of the sign.

Project Details: