GPS Data Collection for Ohio Gas Distribution Facilities


SAM utilized subsurface utility engineering, consisting of the latest in survey technology and traditional designating/ utility locating techniques, to perform GPS Data Collection services on capital gas distribution facilities for the northwest, northeast, and south regions of Columbia Gas of Ohio, a Nisource Company, a natural gas service provider in Ohio with 1.4 million customers. Nisource Inc. serves nearly 4 million natural gas and electric customers under their Columbia Gas and NIPSCO brands in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland.

Working across the state presented cellular and satellite challenges due to strict collection practices requested by the client. To overcome these challenges, SAM used leading technology and designed custom software for the product. SAM’s Applied Technologies group had a tremendously impact on the project deliverable efficiency, implemented custom tool-set to control, monitor, and deliver the project, Realizing efficiencies for work assignments, routing, management, documentation, quality assurance, and delivery.

SAM has delivered more than 3.9 million feet of data so far, with the client requiring potentially as much as 14.5 million feet collection over the course of the project.

Project Details: