Gas Distribution Damage Prevention Dig Support Services

Charlotte, North Carolina

SAM is providing Watch and Protect dig ticket risk assessment field response services for a Local Gas Distribution Company (LDC) that serves approximately 1 million customers in three Eastern states. This is a gas distribution damage prevention effort.

SAM is provided with NC811 dig tickets, including risk rankings, directly from the client. We organize, route, and respond to these tickets by visiting excavators in the field to promote safe digging and the overall reduction of gas distribution damages. Field responses are based on a calculated risk score. A client computer algorithm identifies possible future damages for the highest ranked tickets. SAM’s focus is to visit and speak with as many contractors as possible to help reduce excavator gas damages.

SAM has implemented custom tool-sets to control, monitor, and deliver this project. Our system realizes efficiencies such as work assignments, routing, management, documentation, quality assurance, and delivery.

Project Details: