Dallas Center Utility Mapping

Dallas Center, Iowa

This project objective was to provide Dallas Center with utility GPS mapping with centimeter accuracy of water, sanitary sewer and storm water networks so city staff can continue to provide its citizens with functional utilities.

The City of Dallas Center, Iowa began the partnership with SAM (formerly Midland GIS Solutions) in 2013 when the City contracted with us to locate and map the water network along with providing inventory and inspection to all features to set up asset management capabilities.

Since the City staff of Public Works felt more comfortable with print maps, we provided Dallas Center with two sets of bound 11×17 truck books and a full system wall map for staff to utilize both in the office or in the field. Both are a part of the standard deliverables provided by our firm at the end of each project.

Because Dallas Center was so pleased with the water network deliverables, the City was a repeat client in 2014 when they sought us for the same services for their sanitary sewer infrastructure. The field data was collected with the same accuracy as the water network (within two centimeters) and truck books and large wall maps were provided to Dallas Center. In 2019 Dallas Center again contracted with our firm to map and inspect their storm water infrastructure.

Dallas Center has accurate mapping of all three utility networks with printed maps for both office use as well as in the field. Having pinpoint accuracy of all utility features is important to the Public Works staff who are responsible for the three networks that include nearly 3,000 assets across the span of 2,900 acres.

Project Details: