Chanute GPS Utility Infrastructure Inspection

Chanute, Kansas

This project objective was to GPS locate, inspect and map the City’s sanitary sewer, water, storm water, gas, electric and telecommunications utilities so that Chanute can continue to adequately serve their growing population.

SAM (formerly Midland GIS Solutions) had previously provided software implementation and training to the City of Chanute.  This progressive community in Southeast Kansas prides itself in the quality of services it provides to its citizens.  The sanitary sewer, water, storm water, gas distribution, electric and telecommunications networks are all owned and operated by the City of Chanute.

As one of the only cities in Kansas to provide all utilities at the municipal level, Chanute has invested strategically over the last several years in their infrastructure to accommodate a significant amount of commercial and residential growth. This constant activity made it difficult for staff to record and track all the changes and updates within the systems, and Chanute utility management sought to implement new technology for maintaining their information.

In 2016, Chanute selected our firm through qualifications-based selection to incorporate all of their GIS data and maintenance records into the Integrity™ enterprise web-based program that was efficient and easy for all city employees to utilize.  Once the city began utilizing the program and the ability to access utility data was fast and convenient, the staff soon realized how inaccurate some of the layers were.  While the electric had been mapping accurately in-house and many utilities had historical records attached, some of the other utilities had been digitized and converted from a CAD system without any field verification.

In 2017, Chanute again employed our firm to provide RTK Survey-Grade GPS mapping and inventory collection on the water, sanitary sewer, gas distribution and telecommunications infrastructure.  Once the data was completely field verified and drawn to Chanute’s approval, we integrated the updated information into the Integrity™ web-based GIS system. From there, Chanute was able to start utilizing the asset management functionality within the Integrity™ system to track their activities such as water main breaks, gas leaks, transformer change-out, sanitary sewer cleaning and rehab, and fiber availability.

Project Details: