Barclay Farmstead, Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ

Documenting a Historic Treasure:  The Barclay Farmstead was built in 1816 by a Quaker farmer, Joseph Thorn. The farmhouse and surrounding 32-acre property offer visitors an opportunity not only to observe but also to participate in the agrarian life that once dominated the South Jersey landscape. Listed on both the National Register of Historic Places and the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, the Barclay Farmstead is owned and operated by Cherry Hill Township, with support from the Friends of Barclay Farmstead, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the restoration, maintenance and interpretation of the site.

As part of our community involvement and historic documentation program, SAM (formerly as Haag 3D Solutions) provided services, free of charge, to the Friends of Barclay Farmstead. Services included 3D laser scanning of the exterior façade and photographic documentation of the interior spaces for historic documentation services. SAM completed visualizations for proposed ADA access improvements to be presented to both Cherry Hill Township and the Friends of Barclay Farmstead. In addition, SAM’s work was used to create virtual tours, employing spherical photography that will allow persons to enjoy a vivid experience of the farmstead rooms without actually entering them. The virtual tour can run either as a web-based application or on tablet device carried on the farmstead grounds.

Project Details: