3.8 Miles of Electric Transmission Re-Build


This project consisted of 3.8 miles of electric transmission line rebuild, beginning at the South Brock Switch and extending west to the South Brock Substation, and an additional 1.8 miles of temporary transmission line from South Brock Substation to the Fox-TU Lipan transmission line. The Olney-Rice segment included 17 miles of existing transmission line. Design data for both project areas were acquired using a helicopter-mounted LiDAR system, and supplemented with on the ground surveys to confirm data accuracy. Digital orthophotos were also provided for including area imagery into the final design plans. Design data was submitted to the client in PLS-CADD format with fully classified point data and planimetric background. Boundary surveys were conducted for the South Brock permanent and temporary routes and sixteen new easements were described by metes and bounds.

Project Details: