Scan to BIM

Create the most reliable foundation for your project when you integrate SAM’s precise high-definition 3D laser scanning services into your BIM model. Our advanced technology solutions and skilled staff allow us gather precisely the level of data you need. Whether you’re looking to model a space, assess the constructability of a design, validate compliance, or create reliable as-built documentation, SAM can help.

The right solution for your unique requirements

SAM’s scanning solutions provide exceptionally accurate results from a distance. Clients turn to our Scan-to-BIM solutions in a host of situations: when they need to create a working model of difficult-to-access areas, limit impact on operations or tenants within existing facilities, or create trustworthy documentation from which multiple teams can work.

Start with the most complete data

SAM’s complete range of 3D laser scanning, and LiDAR solutions allow us to gather data that meets any project’s needs and budget. We use the state of the art laser scanning technology in combination with other tools to eliminate the need for multiple site visits. Spherical cameras and video technologies can supplement your data with immersive context.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. SAM prioritizes quality control in its data processing. In fact, many of our clients turn to SAM to review data collected by other parties to validate compliance. All BIM work is done in-house by SAM’s skilled AutoCAD and Revit professionals. The SAM GeoPortal provides access to your data and allows it to be shared across trades, saving time by providing a single source of truth from which your design, engineering and construction partners can work.

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

Key Services to Support

  • Architectural Design
  • Space Planning
  • Facilities Management Analysis and Planning
  • Square Footage Validation
  • Prefabrication Documentation
  • Design Document Validation
  • Building Component/MEP Location

Ready to meet your project needs

SAM is continually working to improve and expand upon our Scan-to-BIM capabilities to address complexities throughout a project’s life cycle. Discover how SAM’s data-rich Scan-to-BIM services can support your next project.