SAM Health and Safety Management

Ensuring the workplace is free from hazards isn’t just necessary for compliance, it’s essential for the safety of our employees, and a focus we share with our clients.

At SAM, we recognize that the success of our company demands a clear vision regarding the importance of safety. Safety is a leading Core Value for SAM. We are committed to a set of systems, policies, and programs that reinforce and reward positive actions at all levels of operation, and have developed programs and requirements that are at the foundation of that commitment.


SAM’s Safety Department works closely with project managers to identify and support client and project safety requirements. We write client-specific safety manuals and communicate this information to project staff through focused training sessions, safety meetings and our internal web portal. Compliance is verified in the field through our CORE Observation program.

Through ongoing training, we ensure client sites remain safe throughout the project. Training is refreshed and reinforced via weekly safety meetings and daily use of the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) form. Crew chiefs are responsible for completing a daily JHA to assess evolving work conditions. All employees have both the authority and obligation to stop work in the event of a hazard that cannot be eliminated or significantly mitigated through the application of administrative controls, engineering controls, or as a last resort, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Leading with Safety

Our commitment involves promoting these programs in a “Lead With Safety” culture that strongly encourages employee participation and communication. The SAM Safety Department and entire management team take a proactive approach to managing the ongoing evolution of our safety practices. Through continuous evaluation and improvement, we deliver solutions that protect both our employees and our clients. We believe ALL incidents are preventable.

At SAM, even our name reinforces our commitment, because at SAM, Safety Always Matters.

Workplace safety requirements

SAM’s commitment to “Safety” as a Core Value encourages two-way communication and celebrates employee participation.

  • Background and driving records screening
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • SAM Safety Orientation
  • First Aid, CPR and BBP training
  • OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 Certification
  • Smith System Driver Certification
  • Task-specific and client-specific training
  • SAM Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Project Kickoff Meetings
  • Daily Job Hazard Analysis
  • CORE Observation Program
  • App-based JHA submittal and tracking system
  • App-based incident reporting and tracking system
  • App-based document assignment, acknowledgement, review, and correction system
  • Vehicle telematics and driver event monitoring
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Project Manager training
  • Monthly Safety Committee meetings
  • Executive Management bi-weekly safety briefings
  • Employee recognition system
  • Employee service and safe service hours recognition
  • App-based safety engagement, gamification, and social reward system
Meet our Team

Todd Baker has been at the forefront of safety culture development at SAM since coming on board as the Director of Health and Safety in 2013.

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