SAM Awarded Fiber Network Design and Permitting Services Contract in North Carolina

March 17, 2022

SAM Companies has been awarded a one-year contract by a national telecommunications company to provide network design and permitting services for approximately 22 miles of new fiber optic cable in North Carolina. This network expansion will serve 24 cell tower locations in Eastern North Carolina.

SAM Project Manager, Scott Williford said, “These services will help our client extend their footprint and connectivity within North Carolina. Our local experience, resources, and relationships will provide accurate and reliable data to establish telecommunications infrastructure to these locations quickly.”

SAM will provide outside plant fiber design and produce permit applications for four railroad crossings, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) interstate, state road crossings and standard encroachment requests to build within the NCDOT Right of Way. Our teams will also conduct extensive site walks utilizing GPS data collection technology with R1 and R12 Trimble equipment to design the route alignment, identify means of construction, and provide detailed design drawings to the construction contractor.

Visit our website to learn more about SAM’s Telecommunications Infrastructure services, including examples of our fiber and wireless capabilities.