Telecommunications Infrastructure Services


SAM’s scale and national presence delivers accurate, reliable data with unparalleled speed and responsiveness

With offices across the United States, SAM can handle the country’s largest telecommunications infrastructure programs, deploy quickly, and scale up to deliver assignments on aggressive schedules. Our telecommunications teams work in concert with your staff as you build your fiber and wireless infrastructure. Whether you need to identify property boundaries, site lease areas, utility easements, or, utilize SAM’s design, engineering, and permitting services to determine the best constructible fiber routes, our advanced solutions deliver the industry’s most accurate data — on time.

Wireless Capabilities

We are prepared to tackle your wireless needs and support your 5G technology upgrades – From FAA certifications to ROW Surveys, Boundary surveys, utility designation, locating, coordination services, flood elevation certificates, permitting, pole loading analysis, and more. Our multi-service approach complements a variety of steps in a program’s life cycle and allows us to keep pace with the most challenging contract delivery requirements. With 100+ licensed surveyors, 200+ field crews nationwide, and deep knowledge of the industry, we are prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice and do the job right, on time.

Fiber Engineering

SAM is positioned to help customers create and support today’s network infrastructures like the continued growth of cloud computing, rural broadband deployments through RDOF, and broadband access to premises. Our expertise in fiber design, route mapping, utility coordination, designation and locating, as well as permitting for both OSP and ISP combined with our national presence and scale, allows us to complete large undertakings quickly, for even the largest providers. In addition, our well-rounded team can handle all services required for outside plant (OSP) design, long-haul fiber build, middle-mile-fiber deployment, and fiber-to-home opportunities. Our experience building fiber networks, matched with our extensive construction and design experience, gives you the best route to turn up connectivity for customers.


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SAM’s Fiber Engineering design services help provide strategic planning for programs. Our teams work closely with each client and understand that each job has a unique set of needs. Our fiber design services help providers find the best route to fulfill client objectives to provide a network build you can count on.


Our specialized Fiber Engineering AutoCAD and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) teams ensure that your fiber network build-out construction prints and permitting plans are designed to meet local installation specifications. Our professionals have strong industry experience in Fiber Engineering Design GIS and our design teams can solve any complex right of way (ROW) and easement issues. SAM’s national presence can simplify your build and maintain your GIS design database.


SAM’s Fiber Engineering team provides the best options and constructible preliminary routes for your job builds. The design team looks at the fiber backbone and fiber distribution routes to make sure all fiber locations are optimized. The engineering team looks at accurate costs based on current local market construction and material rates in the area. SAM project management program tools help with costs and speed up network deployment build-outs. SAM’s Feasibility design study helps support new market analysis, funding, and financial plans for network build-outs.

Fiber Engineering Services

Design Services

  • Route investigations for value cost engineering & design
  • Feasibility studies fiber, and Broadband
  • CAD drafting (capable of Scalable Plan & Profile Drafting)
  • Telecom design PMO support services
  • Aerial Fiber design
  • Underground design
  • Node design
  • Broadband Smart City design
  • Conduit design and validation
  • Manhole New, and Relocation Design
  • Legal mandates (forced Relocation Design)
  • Conflict analysis and Constructability review
  • Test hole and Pothole layout design
  • Fiber Network design
  • ARAMIS-DT design
  • 5G site design
  • Pole Loading Design & Analysis
  • Legal Easement Description & Exhibit Preparation
  • GIS Fiber OSP and ISP data Management System Support Services
  • Licensed Professional Surveying Services
  • Licensed Professional Engineering Services

Permitting Services

  • State, County, & Local Government
  • Railroads
  • DOT Districts
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Pole Attachment Permissions
  • Detail traffic control
  • Waterways

Right of Way Services

  • Utility research
  • Property research (easements, deeds, & plats)
  • ROW research
  • Easement Acquisitions

Field Services

  • Topographic surveys
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Mobile LiDAR (3D scanning)
  • Aerial mapping
  • Digital pole data collection (Katapult, IKE, Fulcrum)
  • Construction Route, Easement & ROW Staking
  • Construction Real-Time As-Built Data Collection, and QC Audit installation inspection

Wireless Capabilities

Wireless Services

  • 1A/2C FAA Certifications
  • Right of Way (ROW), Raw Land,
    & Boundary Surveys
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Utility Coordination
  • Utility Designation & Locating
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Site Audits & Inspections
  • Tower Site Modification Exhibits
  • Geospatial Solutions


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