SAM Awarded Contract for Fiber Engineering and Geospatial Solutions

February 3, 2023

SAM Companies has been awarded a contract to provide Fiber Engineering and geospatial solutions for a global mining company. This project will allow the client to develop a strong wireless network throughout the area to support cutting-edge new technology and more effectively conduct mining operations.

Our team will collect and inventory data for all existing plant poles and engineer the placement of new poles and fiber optic cable plant throughout the facility. We will provide installation specifics and callouts of new aerial assets. In total, SAM crews will service 12 different sites. The implementation of 5G nodes and the use of fiber optic inside the plant facilities will contribute to a wireless network strong enough to support near-instantaneous communication between a multitude of highly advanced technologies in a mountainous region.

SAM Project Manager Cody Niehus said, “Thinking creatively and finding innovative solutions are where SAM’s Telecom team shines. We are excited to take on this project, which not only allows us to do so but will bring greater efficiency and safety to this mining operation overall.”

SAM was chosen for this project because of our relationship with the client, our ability to scale quickly to complete the project on a tight timeline, and our capability to partner with the client to create innovative and effective solutions beyond the original scope of work.

Learn more about SAM’s Telecommunications Infrastructure services on our webpage, including examples of our fiber and wireless capabilities.