Fiber Engineering Services


Engineering Teams Specializing in Network Design Infrastructures

SAM’s Fiber Engineering Services provide high-quality engineering, fielding, and management services to facilitate successful, nationwide fiber network construction builds. We deliver engineering solutions and proactively prepare for the market planning of our client’s future capacity and current network needs.

The Fiber Engineering team crews and vast resources across the country enable us to execute projects quickly. SAM’s design professionals are equipped to tackle every stage of the fiber engineering project lifecycle – including market planning, feasibility study, high-level design, field data collection, outside plant (OSP) design and inside plant (ISP) design, construction support, broadband consulting, permitting, and as-builts. Additionally, we have the ability to develop designs in a clients’ current data management systems.

Our engineering team’s broad telecommunications experience provides the knowledge to successfully complete utilities forced relocates, route investigations, conflict analysis, GIS support and other telecommunication maintenance projects.


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Proven experience in nationwide support
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SAM’s full scale of geospatial and construction phase services including surveying, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), aerial mapping and more provides efficient solutions for aerial and underground field data collection. Our team utilizes advanced technology to capture pole data and measurements and GPS location, along with ground based scanners and small scale LiDAR depending on the project and the level of detail our clients need.


SAM has offices across the country with the resources and strength to respond rapidly. So, while we have the support of a national team, our staff also has the specific local knowledge and presence which results in cost savings on design, permitting, and construction standards to complete projects even on the most aggressive schedule.


SAM’s industry broadband consulting, high-level design tools, customized workflows, GIS software, and project management tools allow us to develop efficient and effective fiber engineering solutions for projects of any size and type. Additionally, SAM’s scale delivers unparalleled speed and responsiveness for your fiber infrastructure needs. Our team’s deep well of knowledge comes from decades of experience in the industry.

Fiber Engineering Services

Design Services

  • Route investigations for value cost engineering & design
  • Feasibility studies fiber, and Broadband
  • CAD drafting (capable of Scalable Plan & Profile Drafting)
  • Telecom design PMO project support services
  • Aerial Fiber design
  • Underground design
  • Node design
  • Broadband Smart City design
  • Conduit design and validation
  • Manhole New, and Relocation Design
  • Legal mandates (forced Relocation Design)
  • Conflict analysis and Constructability review
  • Test hole and Pothole layout design
  • Fiber Network design
  • ARAMIS-DT design
  • 5G site design
  • Pole Loading Design & Analysis
  • Legal Easement Description & Exhibit Preparation
  • GIS Fiber OSP and ISP data Management System Support Services
  • Licensed Professional Surveying Services
  • Licensed Professional Engineering Services

Permitting Services

  • State, County, & Local Government
  • Railroads
  • DOT Districts
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Pole Attachment Permissions
  • Detail traffic control
  • Waterways

Right of Way Services

  • Utility research
  • Property research (easements, deeds, & plats)
  • ROW research
  • Easement Acquisitions

Field Services

  • Topographic surveys
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Mobile LiDAR (3D scanning)
  • Aerial mapping
  • Digital pole data collection (Katapult, IKE, Fulcrum)
  • Construction Route, Easement & ROW Staking
  • Construction Real-Time As-Built Data Collection, and QC Audit installation inspection

Project Experience