Hydrographic Services

Complete near-shore and inland surveys backed by leading-edge technology

SAM’s hydrographic services provide comprehensive surveys of underwater terrain, infrastructure, geology, and environmental constraints. Combining our experienced surveyors and cutting-edge marine geophysical technologies, SAM creates the most complete picture possible. And we deliver clean, accurate data optimized for a client’s workflow.

With a national presence and the ability to rapidly scale for large programs, SAM is able to provide the level of detail you need exactly when and where you need it.

Experience at every stage

SAM’s hydrographic services experts have successfully completed numerous near-shore and inland jobs. Combine this with our integrated geospatial and inspection solution, and clients gain a single source for foundational data across the full scope of their program.

Clients trust SAM’s expertise to support pipeline and cable routing studies; habitat mapping; environmental restoration; and routing, construction, and inspection of bridges, navigation channels, marinas, and wind farms, among numerous other applications.

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

Key Services to Support

  • Pipeline and Cable Routing Studies
  • Reservoir Volumes
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Bridge Routing, Construction, and Inspection
  • Well Pads
  • Water Intakes and Outfalls
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Docks and Bulkheads
  • Hazard Surveys
  • Wastewater Ponds
  • Debris Surveys
  • Marinas
  • Wind Farms
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Navigation Channels
  • Cooling Ponds
  • Pipeline Depth of Cover
  • Artificial Reefs
  • Sediment Source

Latest technology supporting a range of services

At SAM, we provide detailed data that meets each client’s unique needs. We use a proprietary combination of echo sounders, mobile LiDAR, 3D sonar, and other location sensors to develop a complete picture of site and project conditions. We perform all hydrographic survey work with the industry’s most rigorous quality-control processes.

Using our advanced analytics and filtering technologies, SAM technicians can quickly map varied terrains, identify anomalies and reduce risks. Our easy-to-use deliverables are designed to be integrated seamlessly into clients’ workflows.

Whether you’re looking for a more complete picture, faster data capture, or a partner you can trust, SAM is here to help. Discover how SAM’s fast, data-rich hydrographic surveying can support your next undertaking.