SAM Awarded Upper-Mid-West Electric Contract by Major Investor-Owned Utility Company

November 10, 2022

SAM was awarded a contract to deliver geospatial solutions by a major Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) client in the upper-mid-west region of the US. We will provide services to support electric substation sites, distribution, and transmission routes for their land acquisition and aerial LiDAR initiatives.

Using existing maps and highly-calibrated equipment, we will deliver topographic surveys with data relative to tracing land, ground markings, trees, fences, and property boundaries. SAM will also provide acreage easement exhibits for our client throughout these projects, allowing right-of-way vendors to successfully obtain the proper permits.

“The SAM team understands the unique requirements of IOU clients. Through good communication, we have been able to help lead the client to the best and most efficient solutions that fit their needs. The most significant aspect of this contract is our ability to offer our in-house fleet of manned and unmanned aircraft, respond promptly to urgent client requests, and produce high-quality deliverables,” said Daniel Neer, lead Project Manager at SAM.

Due to previous successful projects with this IOU client, the SAM team was the ideal lead partner for this project. Our professional workflows, expert field and technician staff, and reputation for advanced technological solutions in the Electric Power industry were recognized as valuable assets for this contract. In addition, by owning our aircraft and deploying the most advanced LiDAR technologies in-house, we provide the client with fast, accurate, and high-quality data.

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