Electric Infrastructure Market

A secure foundation for your next electric power generation or delivery program

SAM’s industry-leading surveying, geospatial, and subsurface utility engineering services lay the foundation for safe and reliable greenfield planning and brownfield upgrades for power generation, transmission, distribution, and substation programs. Our dedicated electric power industry crews and staff deliver advanced technology solutions—and the comprehensive data that electric power clients need to maintain and expand their electric power infrastructure safely and efficiently.

With the ability to deploy and scale rapidly anywhere in the nation, we bring exceptional expertise and flexibility to every engagement.


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Discover how SAM’s fast, data-rich surveying, geospatial, and utility engineering services can support your next electric infrastructure project.

We deliver the industry’s most complete data

We invest actively in leading-edge technology and our developers work directly with leading industry providers to enhance their tools to produce better solutions for our clients.

Our field crews utilize the latest GPS equipment and ground-based LiDAR scanners to collect massive amounts of aboveground data. Deploying best-in-class aerial LiDAR sensors increases our capabilities for gathering greater point density at a faster scan rate—which means we can capture more accurate data, faster. And with our own fixed-wing aircraft, we have greater control over the surveying schedule.

In addition, SAM has developed an unmanned aerial system inspection program to collect and analyze data that is helping utilities nationwide identify potential failures in their system before they arise.

Our data in your preferred software language

At SAM, we excel at delivering the data you need, just the way you want it. Every project includes a data review with a SAM expert to address any questions you may have or customizations you may need. Our easy-to-use deliverables are designed to be integrated seamlessly into your workflow. We have experience working with a wide array of industry software, as well as our own proprietary software developed to address specific client needs. And our file management platforms make it simple to share files and data with your team. SAM deploys its in-house Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) staff with a wide array of geophysical locating equipment to locate and mark existing underground utilities and provide customer-driven deliverables.

We’ve also developed a proprietary tracking system that provides detailed insight into job efficiencies. These insights allow us to deliver more accurate bids and jobsite reporting.

Proven expertise in the renewable energy market

SAM offers a full range of geospatial, utility engineering, and inspection solutions to support the renewable energy industry, and our capabilities are aligned with the specific needs of renewable developers. By providing local market knowledge, the horsepower of a national firm, and the ability to meet the most demanding schedules, we’ve successfully completed over 230 renewable energy programs in 34 states in the past three years.

We prioritize security

Like our clients in electric power distribution and generation, SAM prioritizes security at every step. We maintain compliance with the NERC CIP-013-1 standard on supply chain cybersecurity for your protection. Due to our complete in-house processing and data storage capabilities, clients can rest assured that SAM will not utilize offshore labor at any point during your undertaking.

By working with one fully integrated provider to meet a range of needs, public utilities and electrical cooperatives benefit from a seamless process and limit data sharing across multiple contractors.

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Our work has national reach, broad expertise, and applied technologies that allow SAM to capture even the most challenging physical environments from coast to coast.

Key Services

  • Professional Land Surveying
  • Parcel Mapping
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Desktop Surveys
  • Digital Aerial Mapping & Photogrammetry
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Subsurface Utility Investigation
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Airborne, Mobile, & Terrestrial HDS LiDAR
  • LiDAR Data Classification in PLS-CADD format
  • Route Studies
  • Rebuild / As-Built Services
  • Data Collection & Asset Management
  • Inspection / Maintenance Services
  • NERC Vegetation Analysis, Method 1 Modeling
  • Utility Crossing Agreements
  • Unmanned Aerial System Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging for Solar Cell Inspection
Electric Inspection Client Portal

SAM’s electric inspection client portal allows you to view your entire network, organizing all inspection data and anomalies at your fingertips and always available.