SAM Awarded Contracts by Texas-Based Electric Utility to Provide SUE and Survey Solutions

November 15, 2022

SAM has been awarded multiple contracts by a large, Texas-based electric transmission and distribution utility to provide Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and survey solutions for sites ranging across Texas. This contract is part of an ongoing effort by the electric utility to improve the reliability of their service even as Texas experiences rapid population growth and ever-increasing demand for electricity.

“We are confident we will be able to provide accurate underground utility data to the client within their aggressive timeline,” said SAM Project Manager, Nicholas O’Brien.

SAM will perform SUE Quality Level (QL) D through A as needed along proposed routes and locations for multiple transmission lines and electric substations. Our team will use specialized equipment such as the IDS Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to designate utilities such as PVC/plastic pipes without tracer wires. An additional piece of specialized equipment in SAM’s SUE toolbox is our Geonics EM61 which can detect subsurface metallic obstructions such as underground storage tanks and reinforced foundations.

After a thorough QL-D investigation of the proposed routes, our crews will perform QL-B structure sweeps covering a 50 ft. radius around proposed locations for electric poles. If there is a specific location the client plans to place a pole and needs to verify any possible utility crossings, we will conduct QL-A investigations using a hydrovac truck to confirm the utility locations. Our team will deliver a digital, 3D map with points and line work representing the utility locations for the client to reference as they begin design and construction.

In addition to our SUE work, SAM crews will provide a wide array of survey services, including GPS control, soil bore staking, overhead utility surveys, design surveys, substation surveys, boundary surveys, vegetation management staking, preliminary structure staking, and final structure staking.

“SAM clients recognize the need for accurate locations of existing underground utilities,” said SAM Vice President and Corporate Director of Utilities, Kyle Currey. “SAM has a proven track record of finding the underground conflicts to help prevent design changes that may dictate new pole orders that can delay a project.”

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