SAM Awarded Contract for Fiber Engineering, Inspection, and GIS Services

July 8, 2022

SAM Companies has been awarded a contract by a large electric utility client operating in the southern United States to provide Fiber Engineering, Inspection, and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping services. This project will allow the client to have a more thorough inventory of their assets and evaluate the condition of their fiber infrastructure to determine necessary repairs.

SAM Senior Project Manager Luke Klos said, “SAM brings an arsenal of technological innovation to the project allowing our teams to provide GIS deliverables with the requisite context to the data as efficiently as possible. Our varied team of experts allows us to streamline the process by providing a combination of services.”

Our teams will inspect approximately 2,000 line miles of Fiber infrastructure. This inspection will include auditing and recording pertinent information on up to 10,000 splice locations. Field crews will be equipped with the latest handheld GPS unit, the IKE GPS4, to inventory the sites and create robust GIS deliverables the client will use to support operation and maintenance efforts. In addition, our team will submit and manage state and city permits for this project.

SAM was chosen for this project partly because of our existing relationship with the client. Our teams have strengthened that position by responding quickly, developing and suggesting robust deliverables, and our scalability. Our ability to stack multiple crews on the task will allow us to complete the project in line with its tight timeline.

Visit our website to learn more about SAM’s Telecommunications Infrastructure services, including examples of our fiber and wireless capabilities.