SAM Awarded Contract by National Renewables Company to Support Development of Wind Farm

December 2, 2022

SAM has been awarded a contract by a national renewables company to provide geospatial solutions to assist in developing a wind farm and attached Gen-Tie route. SAM will conduct surveyingSubsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), aerial LiDAR, and utility engineering services depending on the project’s needs as it progresses. Once completed, this wind farm and Gen-Tie route are projected to have a 200MW capacity.

“Our teams are proud to work side-by-side with this client from the development phase, to the financing phase, and throughout the project’s entire lifecycle. We know that our work is contributing to the expansion of wind energy and a greener, and more resilient energy grid,” said Chris Garza, SAM Renewables Group Lead.

This project encompasses a substantial amount of land. The wind project, located in North Texas, spans over 50,000 acres, and the Gen-Tie route will be more than 20 miles long once complete. Among the services that SAM crews will conduct are: both pre-construction and post-construction ALTA surveys of the wind farm and Gen-Tie, topographic surveys of the projected development site using aerial LiDAR, and quality level (QL) D and B SUE services to locate utilities present on location. Once complete, we will aggregate all of the collected information into one deliverable the client will use to design the wind farm and associated Gen-Tie route.

SAM was selected due to our expertise in wind projects, our proven track record in the North Texas Region, and our multi-service approach, which allows our teams to contribute across the various stages of the entire project lifecycle.

SAM has over 25 years of experience in the renewables industry. Our team can provide various deliverables simultaneously, in one package to help with the development process. Visit our website to learn more about working with SAM’s professionals for your wind, solar, or battery storage project.