SAM Awarded $1.4M Contract by Electric Utility Company

February 14, 2023

SAM has been awarded a $1.4M contract by a large electric utility to provide geomatics, utility engineering, and aerial mapping solutions in the Southwestern region of the United States. The services SAM provides will contribute to a transmission line rebuild as part of an ongoing effort by the electric utility to improve the reliability of their service.

The project encompasses 15.5 miles and crosses 513 parcels of land. SAM crews will conduct pre-design  Quality Level (QL) B investigations along the transmission line route. We will also provide boundary surveying to assist with the design and production of easement exhibits and Department of Transportation highway and railroad crossing permits, preliminary structure staking, and final structure staking. Our Aerial Mapping team will utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) to provide double-sided oblique as-built photography.

“With such a large amount of landowners in an urban setting, clear and concise communication is essential between the various stakeholders for us to complete a successful project and minimize disruptions or delays for the client,” said SAM Vice President & Corporate Director Kyle Currey. “This rebuilding program requires the coordination of multiple SAM service groups to deliver the solutions the client requires. It’s a great example of how our in-house, full suite of geospatial services benefit our clients.”

The client chose SAM due to our long-time working relationship, ability to quickly scale to meet their needs, and capabilities to complete large projects in a relatively short timeline without compromising our quality standards.

Visit our website and meet the team to learn more about how SAM brings industry-leading geospatial and inspection solutions to the electric infrastructure market.