GPS Data Collection

SAM has dedicated GIS field crews specializing in RTK survey and mapping grade GPS technology, specifically customized for use with digital applications that automatically upload attributed field information for every feature collected. Our experienced GIS field crews have GPS located millions of utility features across the nation. We offer not only a solid understanding of how to use  GPS for features and utility locations, but the expertise to find your utility infrastructure including water, sanitary sewer, storm water, gas, telecommunications and electric. 

Our safety standards, work ethic and commitment to location investigation are second to none. This combination of experience is why we continually develop the very best data used to build outstanding mapping programs. What is more, our flexibility, national presence and ability to scale up or down help us provide rapid results and data in any format.

Our technology is the difference

SAM invests in the very best GPS and data collection technologies to support our full-time GIS field crews and the processing of data from field to finish. Our in-house technicians utilize cutting-edge Esri® technology to process and map GPS-located features and assemble GIS data that is clean and accurate. We also utilize our own SAM Capture™ software to enhance the data collection process. Available for iOS and Android devices, our apps offer a cloud-based, paperless approach to field data collection, providing our clients with a workflow that maximizes speed, efficiency, and accessibility. The end-result provides our clients with the accurate GIS data they can depend on.

Our upfront design process streamlines field processes and minimizes coding errors for the GIS field crews and for the client as they move forward with maintaining their clean datasets.  

See Our Work
Our work has national reach, broad expertise, and applied technologies that allow SAM to capture even the most challenging physical environments from coast to coast.

Key Services

  • Utility Survey for Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water, Gas, Telecommunications and Electric
  • RTK Survey
  • Mapping Grade GPS Survey
  • Aerial & Mobile Mapping Control
  • GIS Development of GPS data


Ready to meet your project needs

No matter what you need mapped or located, SAM can provide the on-site GPS expertise to make your mapping project a success.