Virtual Design Construction

SAM’s Virtual Design Construction (VCD) services are used across a range of markets to improve design constructability and reduce conflict in the field. Our skilled staff applies advanced technology solutions to the process of simulating on-site conditions, keeping your project on schedule and on budget.

By beginning with a precise data-based BIM model, clients improve prefabrication and upfront trade clash detection, reducing conflict and rework in the field. Precision is one reason clients turn to SAM, the industry leader in geospatial and construction services.

Start with the best data

Reliable models begin with good data. SAM’s complete range of 3D laser scanning and other LiDAR solutions allow us to gather data that meets your project’s needs and budget. Cameras capturing spherical photography and video technologies can supplement your data with immersive context.

All BIM work is conducted in-house by SAM’s experienced AutoCAD and Revit practitioners. While models can range from basic shapes with little detail to highly intricate designs, our VDC services apply the most accurate available information to support engineering, fabrication, and construction documentation. We begin with a true representation of your site or space, providing a framework from which all parties can work.

Seamless workflows, easy access to data

Our easy-to-use deliverables are designed for seamless integration into your team’s workflow. The SAM GeoPortal provides convenient access to your data and allows you to share it across teams—providing a single data source from which all engineering and construction partners can work. We can also provide Clash Detection and BIM Management using Autodesk Navisworks project review software, to deliver reports and grouped clashes for BIM meetings.


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Key Solutions For

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • AEC Contractors
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Contractors
  • Relevant Subdisciplines

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SAM is your partner for the full planning, design, and construction process. Discover how SAM’s data-rich Virtual Design Construction services can simplify and support your next project.