Inspection Services

SAM’s complete range of leading-edge technologies provide extraordinary speed and efficiency for inspecting valuable assets and infrastructure in even the most difficult to access areas. Our range of remote sensing platforms, used for different types of inspections, carry a variety of industry-leading sensors to capture high-resolution photos (nadir and oblique), video, thermal images and HD LiDAR. We work closely with clients to establish the inspection and database criteria. Our aerial acquisition methods are enhanced by boots-on-the-ground data gathering to augment and provide a comprehensive inspection.

Let SAM show you how a creative approach can deliver accurate geospatial inspection results while reducing project time, cost, and risk, all without disruption to your services or community.

Our technology is the difference

SAM is committed to adopting the industry’s best technologies, and we work closely with developers to add features that help secure more accurate data and communicate results faster. We can support non-destructive testing of highway tunnels, utility lines, and other infrastructure types through our advanced mobile and terrestrial LiDAR and thermography solutions.

SAM also provides aerial inspection for oil and gas pipelines, electric power infrastructure, and telecommunications towers and infrastructure. Our fleet of advanced unmanned aerial systems and manned aircraft equipped with the latest camera and LiDAR scanning systems, are able to capture data at the fastest rates in the industry, with a broad field-of-view, and high-resolution results. Systems are equipped to handle long flight times, while our nationwide coverage gives us the ability to swarm multiple crews to support project needs.

Our exceptional service does not stop in the field. We have developed a field-to-office workflow that supports quick and efficient turnaround of deliverables. SAM has also taken the lead in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) software to improve the percentage of defects found during an inspection. Since 2019, SAM has been developing SAM Inspect™, a technology to bring ML and AI to the maintenance and operation of infrastructure assets. SAM Inspect™ streamlines geospatial workflows, helping improve the inspection, identification, classification, location, and inventory of structures and components acquired via digital capture. Our goal when performing inspection acquisition is to ensure we do not miss any data or anomaly during the inspection and reporting processes.

Meet our team of industry-leading experts.

Key Services

  • Transmission Tower Inspection
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Dam Inspection
  • Water Tank Inspection
  • Building Inspection
  • Cell Tower Inspection
  • Power Generating Inspection
  • Utility Poles and Distribution Line Inspection
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Structural Integrity Assessment

Ready to meet your project needs

No matter what inspection needs you have to resolve, SAM can work with you to provide a creative solution tailored to address your needs. Our inspection services are one more way SAM invests in our clients’ success.