SAM Inspect™

The Ultimate Inspection Management Software

SAM Inspect™ is a technology SAM developed to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to the maintenance and operation of infrastructure assets. Our proprietary inspection management software and process streamlines geospatial workflows, helping improve the inspection, identification, classification, location, and inventory of structures and components acquired by remote sensing methods. 

When combined with LiDAR, ground control surveys, weather data, and more, SAM Inspect™ is another way we help clients create a more complete picture. Our goal is to ensure we do not miss any data during inspection or infrastructure surveys and reporting processes. 

How it works

SAM Inspect™ deploys a proprietary algorithm to organize, filter, and analyze large, remotely sensed datasets. It intuitively structures photo workflows, from the receipt of the imagery to the finished deliverable, without overwhelming the system with gigabytes of image data.

Within a few seconds, our machine learning model locates, identifies, classifies, clips, and exports the preferred data structure into SAM Inspect™ with a high rate of precision. Automated inspection is supplemented with a subject matter expert review and confirmation of the machine learning results. Together, this tech-based team identifies potential anomalies, and encroachments. 

How SAM Inspect™ can help you

SAM Inspect™ can dramatically change the way datasets are gathered, managed, and analyzed, while reducing annual man-hours of traditional inspection. It will save you time and improve the efficiency of your infrastructure operations and maintenance. Ultimately, information analyzed with AI and ML models can be utilized to develop predictive analytics to develop strategic maintenance plans to improve safety and reliability of energy and transportation infrastructure.

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  • Transmission Tower Inspection
  • Power Generating Inspection
  • Utility Poles and Distribution Line Inspection
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Component Failure Prediction
  • Strategic Operation & Maintenance Plans
  • Predictive Growth Rate for Vegetation