SAM’s Proprietary Technologies Propel Win with National Energy Firm for Multi-Year Agreement

March 18, 2021

SAM has been awarded a 2-year enterprise agreement with a national energy company for services that will span several southern states. Using two proprietary technologies, SAM Milestone™ and SAM Capture™, SAM will provide pipeline surveying and centerline data services including asset tracking and mapping.

In addition to deploying advanced technologies to meet the client’s needs, SAM’s extensive experience in the energy sector, and nationwide presence, were key factors in being awarded this agreement. SAM Milestone™ is a proprietary system that identifies a project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and adapts workflow tracking to match, so project tracking and reporting are based on the client’s most important requirements. SAM Capture™ is a tablet-based application that organizes, catalogs, and transfers field data to office locations daily, and provides real-time monitoring of field team progress, and regular equipment inventory and utilization updates.

“SAM Milestone™ and SAM Capture™ set us apart from our competition and provide distinct advantages for our clients,” said Clint Gregg, Corporate Energy Market Leader. “With our technology, we are able to track KPIs and report project statuses for multiple crews, simultaneously. This provides our clients with the critical data they need to make decisions on their project sites more quickly and reliably.”

SAM’s field teams work closely with its Applied Technology department to develop industry-leading technologies to address client issues and support our client needs. Learn more about our approach to advanced technology and our propriety technologies here.