Advanced Technology Sets SAM Apart

Nobody delivers more accurate data

At SAM, we are obsessed with providing clients critical geospatial data faster and with even greater accuracy. To meet this ongoing challenge, we deploy the industry’s most advanced software and hardware in everything we do—from surveying and mapping to BIM, utility engineering, and construction services. And we push today’s technology further than anyone.

Our commitment to technological advancement enables us to quickly capture and optimize the complete and accurate data necessary to meet every client’s unique needs.

We’re taking technological advancement into the future

Using the best technology isn’t enough. We are also committed to driving technological change. We work closely with our technology partners to push their hardware and software forward and deliver products that are faster, more flexible, and more accurate than ever before. It’s how we provide the industry’s most accurate data.

But our use of technology doesn’t stop in the field. Our team of developers, analysts, and technicians use our proprietary data processing system to tailor every data set to a client’s specific needs. Using the latest in high-speed computational workstations, we can deliver data in a wide variety of formats, including all industry standards. SAM can even give our clients and teams secure access to real-time project data, whether they are in the field, in the office, or on the go.

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Customized and proprietary solutions to support client needs

Through our Applied Technology department, SAM is continually evaluating new technology solutions to determine how we can give our clients an edge. We research, evaluate, test, and deploy new hardware systems to support operational needs across our enterprise and service lines.

We also develop our own proprietary software applications to streamline project information management. These technological advancements include a range of internal solutions for strengthening data accuracy and client-facing tools to accelerate communication. We are constantly working to develop innovative workflows that deliver better client outcomes.

Our Proprietary Technologies

Our team combines a deep understanding of the industry with a technical background in geospatial hardware, networking, and software development. Through this lens, the team identifies opportunities to enhance our services.

These improvements include improving data accuracy and upgrading tools to accelerate client communication. Examples of this work includes:

SAM Inspect

Our proprietary inspection management software incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline geospatial workflows, helping improve the inspection, identification, classification, location, and inventory of structures and components acquired via digital capture. To find out more, see our Innovation Series video on SAM Inspect™.

SAM Field

Available for iOS and Android devices, our apps offer a cloud-based, paperless approach to field data collection, providing our clients with a workflow that maximizes speed, efficiency, and accessibility. To find out more, see our Innovation Series video on SAM Field™.

SAM Milestone

This proprietary system helps SAM teams more efficiently meet our client’s needs by focusing on their essential project milestones. We identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and adapt our tracking workflow to match. This helps us stay on track and report project status based on the client’s most important requirements.

SAM Capture

This proprietary software has components for both field and office utilization and supports the lifecycle of collected field data by creating a traceable and verifiable system for the entire workflow of survey crews. SAM Capture™ is a tablet-based application developed to organize, catalog, and transfer field data to the office each day, saving management time and eliminating errors from manual input. Reports are automatically generated allowing for real-time monitoring of progress for multiple survey crews and helps ensure our adherence to standards of maximum quality and efficiency. The platform also supports asset management and planning by providing field teams with regular equipment inventory and utilization updates, making it easy to assess future equipment needs and inventory for projects.

SAM Vantage

A proprietary software technology that transforms project utility asset data into rich visualizations of integrated surface and subsurface attributes. By bringing multiple datasets together in an interactive, multi-dimensional format, SAM Vantage™ enables the synthesis of data into meaningful analytics for intelligent 3D deliverables and more. Providing visual context for project assets and conditions, SAM Vantage™ allows clients to more quickly and easily make better decisions for managing project assets, from engineering due diligence, through design, construction, and operations. To find out more, see our Innovation Series video on SAM Vantage™.

SAM Integrity

This customized system provides a web-based solution to manage, maintain, and analyze GIS data. Powered by Geocortex®, SAM Integrity™ offers a simple, modern interface to accomplish more in a user-friendly mapping environment, whether using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. Users can update attributes, link scanned records, or attach photos for visual reference, all using custom workflows for maximum efficiency. Advanced printing tools offer superior stability, mobile accessibility, and options for print size, resolution, quality enhancements, and more. SAM Integrity™ clients can expect to receive the highest level of customer service from our highly trained GIS staff, who provide remote technical support, phone support, and live web-based training. To find out more, see our Innovation Series video on SAM Integrity™.

Industry-leading data management, hosting, and storage

To support our technology services, SAM owns and operates a high-performance and high-capacity computing environment. All of our services and operations are backed by an enterprise-class network, computing, and data storage system. We use both local, distributed, and cloud computing systems for computing throughput and efficiency and comprehensive data management practices provide additional security for your data. Our IT infrastructure provides availability, security, integrity, and storage for all of our data. Also, it features secure offsite replication at our disaster recovery site for complete data protection. SAM’s system meets comprehensive industry audit standards for data security and availability.

Our operating environment currently consists of 55 physical hosts and over 550 virtual servers, as well as over 650 high-performance workstations and laptops, and more than 230 “ruggedized” field tablets with multiple cellular connections for efficient data collection and submission. Our dedicated data processing nodes include over 225 cores in the primary data center alone and our network handles over 1.5 Petabytes of data flow every day.

The enterprise is managed with best-in-class tools and practices to ensure the protection of all data. What’s more, our IT systems are monitored around-the-clock and supported by an internal IT team with an extensive depth of experience.