SAM Awarded Contract to Support 50 New Electric Vehicle Changing Stations

January 14, 2022

SAM has been awarded an 18-month contract to deliver Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Surveying services for an Electric Utility Client in the Southeast United States. Our teams will support the installation of 50 electric vehicle charging stations across two states, with the possibility of up to 150 electric vehicle charging station sites.

Our teams’ scope of work will vary by site, depending on what the client needs at each location. Each of the sites will have 2-4 electric vehicle charging stations, making it more convenient for local residents to drive electric vehicles. We anticipate providing base SUE QL-B services, situational and topographic surveying, partial property line staking, and construction staking. In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment we use, our teams will be using a Ricoh Theta 360 Camera to capture additional information and make drafting more straightforward and more thorough.

SAM is proud to be contributing to solutions that conserve natural resources and have less impact on our environment. These electric charging stations will be capable of servicing thousands of vehicles and will help reduce air pollution and carbon emissions in the communities where they are being installed.

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