May 26, 2022

SAM Companies has been awarded a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) contract by a nonprofit public utility specializing in water, power generation, and electric transmission. Our teams will provide Quality Level D through A SUE services for various electric transmission projects throughout the state of Texas.

SAM Sr. Project Manager Heath Hilbig, P.E. said, “Our continued commitment to state-of-the-art designating equipment will provide quality deliverables, further enhancing the design of future infrastructure. With more than 20 years of experience working with this public utility, we are looking forward to continuing to support their team.”

SAM will be investigating all utilities, including storm sewer, wastewater, telecommunications, gas, electric, and sanitary sewer. Crews will employ a wide array of industry-leading equipment and technology, such as our ImpulseRadar Raptor GPR system, vacuum excavation hardware, proprietary applications SAM VantageTM and SAM CaptureTM, and other SUE-related instruments.

Upon completion of our work, SAM will produce a variety of deliverables as requested, like field sketches, utility records, .txt files containing all survey data points, photographs, AutoCAD files and PDF cut sheets, as well as any electronic depths collected. After delivery, our team will remain available and responsive to make any needed changes, review any input, or provide comments for clarification.

Time is of the essence for every project under this contract, and SAM was chosen because of our ability to mobilize quickly and meet the rapid response time necessary. Learn more about how SAM’s scope and national scale allow us to deploy geospatial and construction services solutions to meet even the tightest project timelines.