P. Agnes Awarded SAM 3D Modeling and BIM Contract for Princeton University

February 1, 2023

SAM has been awarded a contract for geospatial solutions by P. Agnes, a general contractor located in Philadelphia, PA, as part of the Princeton University Lake Campus expansion program in West Windsor, NJ. The SAM team will implement a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Execution Plan for underground utility installation on the proposed 110-acre site. We will also provide 3D laser scanning and modeling of buildings and existing site conditions to be used in a Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) 3D software modeling environment. Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) will be utilized to capture one-inch resolution orthophotos, and SAM will document final as-built conditions from the various contractors in a spatial database.

Our BIM goals and objectives are to provide a fully coordinated 3D model of the site with corresponding aboveground and underground infrastructure for use in the coordination, documentation, and installation of new utilities. As the BIM partner, SAM will receive as-built drawings from the subcontractors periodically during installation and at the project’s completion. Our team will then update the digital model features to reflect as-built conditions accurately for Princeton University to incorporate into its Geographic Information System (GIS) database.

“A collaborative coordination process is critical to balancing the BIM requirements with the realistic learning capabilities of all the subcontractors on the team. What is exciting about this contract is that 3D BIM implementation of underground infrastructure is being utilized for pre-inspection and coordination to minimize installation clashes prior to putting a shovel in the ground. The BIM 3D model will be continually utilized by the VDC to monitor construction phases and as-built conditions throughout the planned improvements,” said SAM Vice President, Chris Zmijewski.

SAM was chosen by P. Agnes due to our significant experience in virtual inspection implementation on large, complex contracts as well as small and cost-sensitive assignments. Over the years, our BIM team has developed effective and efficient approaches for virtual inspection coordination and management that P. Agnes considers critical factors to the successful completion of their work. SAM’s past experience with geospatial inspection coupled with our advanced 3D Laser Scanning Technology was deemed important to updating the final Federated Model to Princeton University.

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