Mark Miller


Associate, Director of Operational Controls


Mark Miller has 45 years of experience providing a variety of professional services in the Geomatics industry. Mark is an Associate, Director of Operational Controls and supports the company’s acquisitions. His responsibilities include providing a bridge between SAM’s Accounting and Operations departments, as well as leading the finance integration efforts for SAM’s acquisitions. Mark provides strategic leadership for the company by working with the executive management team to establish and promote a culture of business excellence by identifying, developing, and directing financial program initiatives focused on process improvement solutions in support of SAM’s overall organization.

Mark is a Professional Land Surveyor registered in 15 states and is a member of Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors (TSPS). Mark’s professional experience spans a wide range of infrastructure clients, successfully executing projects for oil and gas, electric transmission, land development, local infrastructure, heavy construction, federal, water resources, and telecom clients.

Mark’s favorite SAM core value is People. Mark believes positioning people for success by understanding, leveraging, and enhancing their strengths is foundational to SAM’s success. He believes coaching and mentoring people to utilize their talents helps create the strongest, most prosperous type of culture within a company. He and his wife actively support their community by donating to several charitable organizations. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife, enjoying time with family, especially his 2-year-old granddaughter. His hobby is genetic genealogy.